100 Cummings Ctr, Beverly, MA

100 Cummings Center — Watch the Virtual Tour

Move-in ready Flex for R&D, Assembly, Tech support with Office; Approx. 1,000 sf Lab Area with tile flooring, dedicated HVAC, countertop cabinets; stainless steel sink; Double door access for deliveries; Furniture, equipment available; Kitchenette with sink & dishwasher; In-suite bathrooms. Lessee-subsidized Sublease to October 30, 2025; Lease extension available with Owner.

  • 2,511 SF Wet Lab / Office Sublet.
  • Lessee-Subsidized Rent.
  • Approx. 1,000 SF Lab with dedicated HVAC unit with HEPA filters.
  • Double door access for deliveries.
  • Private offices, conference room.
  • In-suite bathrooms.
  • Kitchenette with sink & dishwasher.
  • Move-in ready, furniture may be available.
  • Numerous campus amenities.
  • Free ample parking.
  • Lease Extension available with Owner.